How to organize your life

This is the topic I'm also preaching to myself but since I'm in the process of trying to organize my life & live a more minimalistic lifestyle I thought I might as well share some tips and tricks that I worked so far for me and I've been using so far to help me get back on track and, bring along for my journey!

One thing I can say it's hard being a single mommy of three trying to run 2 businesses a blog a YouTube channel and starting a podcast all at the same time. And I honestly have zero help at the moment. Since I am a one-woman show I seem to get off track a lot because I have so much going on and so little time to do things. This is why I would literally have to break down everything in my life so that I can become completely organized and not feel so overwhelmed.

Get rid of shit!

Yes, I said it. The best way to organize not only your life but you're home and everything else is to just get rid of junk that you don't need in the first place.

Since I'm trying to simplify my life and live a more minimalistic lifestyle I have found myself getting rid of so much stuff that I have literally been holding onto since middle school and high school (I know it's sad. )

The best way to get rid of things is just to spend a day at a time going through things room by room or section by section or spot by spot it depends on how your house is set up. Just get rid of as much of any junk as possible that you do not need.

As you're going through your stuff ask yourself does this make me happy? Does this add value to my life? Will this help me in the next month or two? Do I really need this? Can someone else benefit from this?

Also, I know you probably have a lot of shit just like I do, so please try not to get overwhelmed or think that this project will take just one day. This is a process, it can take you one week two weeks or two months! All that really matters is that you are making progress which means that you are relieving stress from your life.

Give everything a home

Things can't get too messy if they are already where they belong right? ??? Yes, that's right. So as you're going through this huge cluttering process make sure to give every single item that you own a home so that you can always make sure that when you're done using it you return it to its proper place. Every time you're done using something just put it away, this saves so much more time than leaving things all scattered on the counter and then having to do a big cleanup session later.

Invest and organization tools

In order to give everything a proper home, it has to have a place to go right? I suggest getting some organizational tools whether it be cubbies or even some small boxes or cubicles shelves anything to help you organize things a lot better so everything stays nice and clean and it has a home to go to.

Make yourself a schedule.

Using a schedule will help you get into a routine that you can use to help you stay organized.

I personally like to set alarms on my phone so that I can make sure that I get things done at a certain time of the day every single day and, it just helps me to be more productive. If a certain important task that I have for myself every day is not complete it I will not give myself my personal reward until that task is done.

For example every day I have an alarm that goes off at 9:30 every day for me to tidy up the house. . This will include things like vacuuming doing the dishes sweeping wiping down countertops things like if that nature so my house stays clean. . If I don't complete that task that night then I won't reward myself with whatever my reward is for the week. We will talk about rewards towards the end of this post.

Another thing that works is a chore or task chart and I do this for my kids as well. So basically on this chart, I mapped out things that need to be done for the week on a daily basis or maybe on a weekly basis. As I complete the task I will mark it off or put a sticker for my kids just to show that the task was completed. This is also a great visual to help you see that you're actually getting things done. , In staying on top of things, which also makes you feel extremely organized.

Get a planner

I cannot stress this enough and I honestly need to stress it to myself more using a planner is so beneficial and it also helps you stay organized.(When you actually use it) so for me, I basically have two types of planning strategies that I use to help me stay organized. The first method is digital and I really do not like using digital so much because I'm the type of person who believes that when you write something down it adds value and you actually remember things actually get it done and they come into existence when you write them down. But I also like to have a digital version just in case things are misplaced or lost or damaged I always have a digital version that I can always go back and refer to. If you guys want a more detailed video or post of how I planned just to make sure to leave a comment down below and I'll be sure to make one for you.

Organize your phone

So if you have a ton of apps just like me it can sometimes be overwhelming to look at all these apps just opened up on your phone. So I like to organize my apps and create folders for them just to make everything nice and clean on my phone. For example, I like to put on my social media apps like Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube all in a folder that says social media or if I'm doing editing on my phone like photos or videos and things like that I also have a folder just for photography and photo editing where I put all those apps together. . You'll thank me later.

This brings me to my next topic to organize your computer!

Organize your computer

So if you're like me you probably have a ton of documents all over your computer and just scattered everywhere. Not only is this horrible for your computer because you were just using up Unneeded space probably and you probably have a ton of documents that you don't even need anymore but is also horrible for you because you have no clue what anything is or where anything is. The best thing to do is to create folders on your desktop and label the folders for each category that the document belongs in. Also if you have large files or files that you just don't necessarily need on your computer and you're kind of done with but you still want to hold on to them because you are a hoarder. I suggest getting a Dropbox or a Google Drive to be able to store all your documents in one place and that way you never lose them. Or you can always get an external hard drive to be able to store your documents and files.

Establish a good sleeping schedule

With everything going on in your busy life you may be lacking sleep.

I know I was for a long time. I would spend hours at a time up late trying to get projects done trying to get assignments done and trying to just get caught up on some of my own work or just cleaning the house. This will cause me to be all out of whack and just not be able to get any sleep. some nights I would only get maybe 2 to 3 hours of sleep (don't know how I managed honestly. )

so in order for me to break that habit, I started to make myself get things done a lot earlier and also stuck to my productivity and task schedule . . I also had to take time to realize that I cannot get everything done in one day no matter how hard I try this will also make me overwhelmed because I really wanted to get certain things done by a certain day or certain time and I will try to put too many big task projects in the same day and expect them to get done. Now I just use a to-do list and just kind of dump everything out of my brain every single night so that I can go to sleep with ease. I also try to make sure that I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. So unless I'm going to some type of event everything shuts down for me right around 10 o'clock. And yes that's even on the weekends.

Reward yourself

. now I know you're probably not done with all this the cutter cluttering and organizing your life completely but the least you can do it's reward yourself for the times that you complete each week set aside some me-time in your schedule or your planter where you can actually treat yourself and reward yourself for all your hard work. It might be a simple trip to the nail shop a deep facial mask that you're going to try on yourself or maybe just simple like ice cream. Just try not to be so hard on yourself during all of this decluttering.

I hope some of these tips helped you if you did tell me which ones you enjoyed the most. do you have any tips that you would like to share on how you like to get organize leave them down below?

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