HOW TO Prioritize!

Prioritizing SIGH

I know this is something that it's a little bit hard for us myself included it took me a while to be able to prioritize things and be like girl Instagram is not important right now so today we're gonna actually break down what we should prioritize and actually work through getting the important things done and actually being productive.

Stop waiting for the last second

I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced waiting to do something a the last second and freaking out things to get a project down and failing terribly., but not only failing terribly but stressing themselves out along the way which makes it even worse. Waiting until the last second will not do anything but make that task swell and become bigger and more stressful than it really should be

Create an action plan

SO in order for me to get anything done, I like to use my productivity beast worksheet to help me prioritize what’s most important. On this sheet, I define what’s of high importance and what’s not. What I define what’s of high importance I create a list of my top five things to do and, work on completing those tasks first.

Swallow The Elephant First

It's very important to remember when you are trying to prioritize everything is to swallow the elephant first! I know this sounds so silly but, seriously swallow the elephant first, and what I mean by that is to take the biggest most important thing the most important task, and do it first. The baby task honestly if you know it's the baby task and you can do it you can get it done really easily those aren't as important as the big daunting task is. So to make this easier because sometimes when we see a huge task we get so discouraged break down that big elephant into little bitty tiny cute little elephants aka small task to break down the sets you need to do to complete your project, task, goals, and start working on each step. I have a worksheet that I use to help me achieve goals and big task projects that I use and you can get yours here.

Eliminate distractions

That’s right you read it right lol ALL distractions must go! This includes Social media emails phone calls, kids' family everything! and set time to actually sit down in focus on complete your task/project.

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