The biggest thing that I hear from my family friends & clients is that they're planning to do something or they want to really start their own business and they just need to plan everything out and create an outline etc. and they have literally been planning for years. They haven't even put any action behind their plans. A plan without action is the greatest way to fail at achieving goals! Well if you are trying to make moves to help you and your family prosper! YOU GOTTA GET TO WORK GIRL! I have listed a few tips on how you can suck it up and JUST DO IT!

Tip #1 Remember your why

Why do you want to do your business in the first place? Why are you even in business what are you trying to accomplish are you in business because you want to make money? Are you in business because you're passionate about what you do? Do you like being a stay-at-home mother and being able to provide for your kids financially? Why are you doing this what is making you do it because you're why is going to drive you?

Tip #2 Stop planning girl

Stop planning & just do it. I know so many people and myself included I was one of these people who has spent time hours and days and months and weeks and maybe even years planning something. I would spend some much planning and envisioning everything with no work actually behind my plan because I was to busy dreaming. Start creating a system to put your plan into action so you can get to making that plan into a reality.

Tip #3 Remember your end goal

Remember your end goal and where you plan to be at. Whether it’s to travel more or that you want to have passive income or to have financial freedom remember the rewards that you're gonna reap from actually taking the action and getting to work.

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