I honestly am not the type to celebrate Halloween for several reasons but, with the climate, we have been dealing with in 2020 I wanted a reason to dress up, have fun and look cute in a costume. I actually created my Doja Cat Moo costume way back in May of this year but never got around to posting it. Especially with all the drama that surrounded her earlier this year. Honestly I still rock with her music. Moo was one of my faves it was a very quirky song but extremely catchy. It actually was one of the main reasons I started listening to more of her music and learning more about her (you have to learn to separate the music from the artist in my option but that's a topic for another day.) What Did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up this year?

Mooo Cow Ears

Doja Cat sunglasses

Cow Fabric

Cow Nails

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